The Team


Doug Eifler

Chief Curiosity Officer

Maria Eifler

Chief of Operations and Organization

Research Associates

Kaera Utsumi

Kaera, aka the little menace, continues to be involved in upcoming field projects. She completed her masters degree at Kansas University where she studied social networks in lizard populations. She is currently writing up the manuscripts from this work while eating delicious food and deciding what her next steps will be. 

Research Assistants

Dahtiya Stanley

Dahtiya Stanley is a freshman at Haskell Indian Nations University, majoring in environmental science. She is working with the Lizard Task Force on the interactions between introduced and native lizard species. 

Maliya Clark

Alicia Pham

Alicia Pham is a freshman at the University of Kansas where she currently studies ecology & evolutionary biology and geology. When she isn’t working with the Lizard Task Force to save the world, she can be found reading, weightlifting, or playing video games. 

Maddox Magathan

The University of Kansas

Scientific Advisory Board

Rebecca Upton

Colgate University

Lulu (María) de Lourdes Ruiz-Gómez

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

Kelly Diamond 

Rhodes College

Hayden Hedman

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Mia Phillips

Dartmouth College

Drew Dittmer

Information Technology

Nathan Dodson

Nathan is an MBA and Computer Science student from the University of Kansas. Currently, he is working on finishing school and pursuing a career in technical business architecture, data management, and technical business transformation.

He works with Erell in managing and maintaining the website and overall tech stack used by the team!